Super Double Carzy Kmart

I guess Kmart hasn’t jumped onto the boycot of helping out the consumer yet. THANKS KMART. They are having their Super Double coupon event. Now I am not a Kmart shopper. I believe that Kmart jacks up their prices on most stuff. The only time and I mean the only time I step into Kmart is when they are running this. I always manage to get kick butt deals.
These pictures are missing a few things. Like the Velveeta mac and cheese (kids saw it and wanted it for dinner, 2 things of liquid Similac Isomal (baby will need fed soon), and a bag of sun chips (must have snacks).
I did 2 different transactions. The first was 2 packs of huggies (red) 2 back of huggies natural and 1 pack of little swimmer. For spending $50 in huggies products I got a $14 catilena. Which on my next order I used it on.
A few of the highlights are the huggies wipes. Which I got 4. With babies you can never have to many wipes. They were $2.89 and I used a $1 off coupon so that ended up making a big ol $.89. Also the Lysol things of air freshener was reg $4.49 and with a $2. coupon it ended up being .$.49. Then with it being grilling season you can’t forget the A-1 sauce. Regualar $4.49 I have $2. off coupons making it $.49
Those are just a few of my highlights. I also used my $5 off $50 x3 my casherier was awsome. I also ended up with $7 off my next purchase YEAH free things when I hit kmart on payday..


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