Sonic Summer Deals

Well, I’m going to admit it. I love me some Sonic!!!! In the summer especially. Sonic holds loads of good memories for me. I went there before Prom (yes, I actually ate there instead of someplace special), went there on the way home from the hospital with our oldest daughter and hubby and I used to make late night runs there for dessert when we first got married. Lots and lots of memories!!

I’m sure some of you may already know this though. Did you know that Sonic has happy hour every day from 2PM to 4PM? You didn’t? Well, let me fill you in on the details. During those times, all drinks and slushes are 1/2 price…really! The kicker is that’s EVERY DAY including Saturday and Sunday!! When the kids and I are out and about we often stop there for slushes…you know, Mommy and Kids little secret! Well, with Sonics new (to me) dollar menu you can get a small slushie for $1 normally. During the 1/2 price time frame, they become $.50!!! Sooo, I can get one, the two oldest split one and all for a buck and some pennies for taxes!!!! My kiddos think it is the greatest thing EVER!!!

Just wanted to share…I know you are more than thrilled to read about it! If you don’t have a Sonic near you, I’m soooo sorry! You are missing some goooooood eats!!


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