Great finds in the Spring.

I love this time of year nothing like searching other people’s junk for my treasures. Now I HATE having a garage sale. But I sure love to go to them. This past weekend my town had a great city wide garage sale. I got some killer deals. Here is some of the stuff I got.

2 portable dvd players (you know the kind that we give out kids to watch in the car.) $8 for both. killer deal.
large George Foreman grill $5.00
Toaster over $2.00
Disney store Belle costume $3.00
Vera Bradley Diddy bag. $3.00
Graco Car seat base. $5.00
Area rug for my living room $10.00
2 Wii games $1.00 each.
Controller for the Wii. $3.00
Vacuum seal and dehydrator $2.00

Most of the stuff I had been looking at to get I got a few other things but can’t remember what off of the top of my head. I just love a good garage sale. What about you. What treasures have you been able to find?


One response to “Great finds in the Spring.

  1. I told peanut you got a Belle costume and she almost cried. Mommy I want one too…ugh! Isn’t it enough thst she has Snow White, sleeping beauty, cinderella, ariel and tinkerbelle? You would think it was…..girls!!!

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