Debt free for 2009

We like most people have debt. With the rising interest rates and hidden fees that credit card companies are hitting people with left and right we have decided to make a huge move. We are going debt free. We are tired of paying our hard earned money for nothing. For some time now we have been on a cash only basis. We haven’t used cards in awhile just trying to pay them off. With the economy starting to make its way back we have used this time to make some wise investments that will allow us to pay our debt off 100% by the end of the summer. What a relief. With this means freeing up money for me and for my house. (I am in some desperate need of a new couch.) Also putting more money into accounts for our kids college funds. So at the end of the summer we should only have left our home loan and 1 more year on the 1 car. What a burden will be lifted. I just wanted to share our goals and plan of action.

One response to “Debt free for 2009

  1. yay! I’m so glad you are getting it paid off! I won’t say living without credit cards is easy, you already know that! I just feel better about buying something and knowing that I paid for it and it’s done with…no interest or anything! Yay for you and Tom!

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