What is in your pile this is mine.

I just wanted to share my stock pile..I haven’t been at this but since around November. So far I have grabbed some pretty good deals and loads of free stuff. I think we are over flowing and need to add a few more shelves but that will come. I am sure come garage sale season I will be able to find some killer deals on new shelves. In my stock pile I keep the things that we go thru tons of. Fruit snacks, (stocked up last week at target for 52 cents a box) Detergent dish and laundry, cereal, breakfast bars, juice, canned fruits and veggies, butt paper, diapers and wipes, and then all your hygiene stuff and cleaning stuff since it gets expensive I find it and load up on it. Since I have a fairly large kitchen I keep alot of stuff up there to. So this is my over flow. Also I still have my deep freeze but that is a whole nother subject.
My camera isn’t working that great right now so sorry they are so dark…


2 responses to “What is in your pile this is mine.

  1. okay, so is this in your basement or garage? I can’t tell from the pictures and HOLY MOLY!!!!! Look at all of those diapers!

  2. It is my basement…It is on the other side of the play room…Hey as for the diapers Paisley goes thru them like mad…and I got them really cheap.

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